Reflection on the course as a whole

I confess to not being entirely sure where to start with this reflection as it seems very strange to be writing this considering it is my first completed textiles course!

The course has been a journey of discovery with renewing my love of some old techniques whilst also learning many new ones and I have loved every second of it!  It has been a steep learning curve particularly considering I haven’t studied on this level before and the support of fellow students who were always willing to critique or answer really daft questions in the initial stages was invaluable as has been the feedback from my tutors.

Looking back to Part One and the mark making exercises as well as looking at initial design development I remember finding it very frustrating despite the enjoyment as I did not know what was expected of me and felt very much the new student.   This first part was terrifying as it seemed there was a very long way to go until the final part and I did not dare look too far ahead!   However by Part Two I started to find my feet and also the fact that it involved colour helped tremendously as  I have always enjoyed working with colour in any media and am very much aware of the effect it has on emotions and moods.  The printing and painting aspects along with the further developments of design were really enjoyable and I remember loving the printing which is something I did not anticipate.  Part Three was again familiar territory with fabric manipulation and applique but I did not really push myself out of my comfort zone enough as it was all too easy and I now feel I could have used my skills in very different ways but that is part of the learning curve.  Part Four – oh yes trying to work out proportions of colour …. I dreaded this part! I have never been able to work out proportions accurately so I devised a simple grid system that will no doubt be used again but the textures, structures and finally the weaving I really loved doing despite having sustained a whiplash injury that created numerous problems as I could not bend over any hand-made loom – this meant the development of an A-frame loom which proved really useful and I have plans to use it again over the winter as well as exploring other types of small looms.  Weaving is something I now love and will no doubt be a part of my future textile practice.

So here I am having finished Part Five – did the course achieve what I had hoped?  Yes without question as I know it has given me a good solid foundation to build on with my future courses in the combination of techniques both in textile and design. Obviously if I could go back I would do things differently but that is with the hindsight of learning and that is part of the process.

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