Part 5 – A piece of your own

This is the section of the course I have both been anticipating with excitement and also an amount of nerves due to it being the final part of my first textiles module.

I have thought long and hard over the direction I wanted to take and also debated over several themes until finally decided on Explorations of Dovedale and Derbyshire.

The introduction to this final part of the course speaks of an ‘end product’ in the form of a three-dimensional object or wall-hanging with size depending on how it is to be used and also location if it is site specific.

At this point previously my mind had raced ahead which is normal for me and I was thinking all along of a bag – the course material however states not to think of the final product as  a starting point in case it limits the artist/designer creativity which now makes complete sense.  As I write this I do so after completing my final sampling and I had to ensure I read and re-read the course directions to understand the process so I decided not to re-read my blogs and research or even to look at the various photographs or sketches of bags I had downloaded into my sketchbook but rather just to concentrate on my sketches and thoughts and enjoy the process of discovery and if a bag was the end result then so be it and if it was something different then that was the natural process of evolution in my designs.


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