Theme Book – Part 4 – Ideas and thoughts

Further to my previous posts I am wondering about altering the designs a little from my sketches in Part 3 of this blog – running with the simplied Carpetbag style I question whether to work on an appliqued style back which is based on the design of the woven panel on the front and effectively winds around from the back to the front and overlaps a little of the panel.  I am at this stage questioning whether my designs should be abstract or more pictorial – having just read in my History of Art module the work of the Cubist painters whereby the works became non-representation this appeals because it would enable the panel to be pictorial and the applique to be abstract thereby creating contrast but my idea would be to harmonise through colour.

I have written a blog on the work of Paul Corfield whose work I am finding particularly inspiring at this stage and combined with the work of Clarice Cliff I am intrigued by the shapes, forms and colours that both use despite the difference in eras – Paul is very much an artist of my own era and is just over 2 years younger than myself and Clarice Cliff was a ceramic artist of the Art Deco period through to 1963 with the bulk of her work pre-World War II.  I always have loved Art Deco art and also the colours that Clarice Cliff used on her designs and this comes from someone who has never liked the colour orange for some reason but has loved her use of it particularly when used in conjunction with the complimentary blue.

Colour is desperately important to me and I want to exploit my love of it in my design but also want to do a piece of work that is harmonious and peaceful and creates the emotion I have felt when visiting the places we have. Arthritis has stopped me exploring in the way I would like and have done in the past but maybe it is the arthritis that has also forced me to stop or slowly hobble and take the time to enjoy that peace and I somehow need to harness those feelings into my design.

As I type I am in the process of doing 2 or 3 story boards to finalise my ideas into the designs – the idea was one board but I could not choose between 40 photographs (!) so now it is those 2 or 3 larger ones with a view to summarise them!  I am still certain on wanting to create a panel which is in effect a window or moon gate but it is the scene in the panel and the abstract design on the back of the bag which is causing the conundrum!

img_3522One thing I have been considering is the dyeing of the calico for the interior of the bag and in the past few weeks I ice-dyed what I thought would be a sample but now I have realised I really love it despite it being a little pinker and brighter than my chosen colours for the exterior of the bag!!

img_3217I did try a second version of the ice-dyeing but for some reason I got my soaking and setting solution incorrect and the colours are much more muted and not as clear.

So now I am left with a decision to make – the brighter more vibrant interior which will contrast with the peaceful colours of the exterior or the more muted interior which will harmonise.


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