Reflection on Project 8: Stage 2


To reflect on Stage 2 is simple for me as I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it which I didn’t expect in all honesty!  I have been pleasantly surprised at the braids and twisted yarns that could be made and my extra section with kumihimo braids has really shown me where that technique could really be taken.

I can definitely see a connection in how my choice of materials will effect the structures I chose to make and the effects my choice has on the end result but I do need to find a more secure way of securing my grids or twigs or whatever materials I may chose to do in the future so a book on knots maybe something I look for.

My favourite samples were the kumihimo braids but that is because I loved using the different materials to my more traditional personal c-lon threads.  I also enjoyed the twisted yarns and later used some in weaving samples – as stated earlier this blog is being written later than planned and after a couple of weaving samples have been done.

As for the structures I really enjoyed these and will definitely experiment much more with these – happily I have elderflower trees in my garden which need pruning this autumn so will be saving some of the longer thin or medium twigs for possible use.  I felt I really started to free up in my experimentation and enjoy the process without a thought for a finished result with specific plans – it was an enjoyment of experimentation which I did not anticipate.

Regarding the early exercises in matching my colours in my source image I found this more difficult initially but it was also easier than expected once I changed to watercolour paints and also looked at my primary source directly as well – my photograph was of a gladioli bud in my garden so I was able to work both from the printed image and the actual flower.  The yarns I am not as happy about with the colour matching but that is because I also worked with the colours that I had in my collection. I am aware that if I wanted to be more accurate in the future I could colour match using my paints and coloured media onto a piece of appropriate paper and take this with me to a shop if required and I wanted a very specific match for threads obviously first checking my collection!  Regarding the textures again I was not entirely happy but relatively satisfied at this time – the exercise has given me the knowledge and the ideas to take forward into how this can be applied in a design process.

I think my next step will be to get a small A5 folder which I can keep some paper cut into appropriately sized pieces that I can make up colour matching cards/sheets and also attach any threads I have in my collection on small winding card strips so that if I needed more threads or even fabrics for a specific project I have a reference I can take with me to purchase anything required.

I am going to add the photographs which will match the other two windings in Stage 1 to my sketchbook for my own reference.

I do have a clear understanding of the ideas and the instructions behind these exercises and stages and how I can use the techniques in my design work in the future and how it will be immediately applied to my theme book work.


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