Project 4 – Developing Design Ideas: Stage 1 – Introduction and Preparation

The purpose of this project is to try to develop an eye for design and the simple basis for this relies on the spacing of objects and lines within a space and making objects ‘move’.

IMG_0899In this first stage I took 3 centimetre squares of black paper and placed them within 12 centimetre squares.  When you place a  black square on a piece of paper your eye is automatically drawn to it – it is like looking at a picture of sailing boat within a calm sea in a painting and no matter where the boat is you look towards it.  When you move the square (or boat) the energy is different within the space – this is what the course material states and it seemed really obvious that this is what would happen but when I started playing with the squares it was so simple that it became fascinating to do.  The top left square felt full of movement and energy whilst the top right was very static.  The middle square on the left was static too but just by changing the angles of the square (bottom right) it gave the illusion of movement.  The bottom left again is movement and energy but for me another word here is ‘chaotic’ in that there is no order but rather more random and so creating an energy that is different to the bottom right – the addition of two squares adds to this illusion too.


The course material then instructs to try the same exercise but using lines to create energy and tension.  I admit this I found slightly frustrating – squares are much easier to move around but simple straight lines do not seem quite so straightforward (excusing the pun).  The top picture I decided to arrange in the lines criss-crossing but each set coming to a singular point (as if drawing lines of perspective) to create the requested feeling of energy and tension.  But how do you show feelings of ‘peaceful’ using lines?  I decided to keep it as simple as possible and just used minimal lines and spaced wider apart to create more space and therefore more calming.

Two deceptively simple exercises that make you really think and look.

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