My experience for this first part of the course has been one of a journey that has been a combination of discoveries, excitement, frustration and a huge learning curve but one that I thought I would understand far easier than I did at the beginning and ended with a deeper depth of knowledge at the end.

The early part of the mark making I found the most difficult as I find it difficult to express marks emotionally or to try to portray adjectives but also understood what the exercises were trying to achieve.  However the range of marks I produced, although not as extensive as I would like, I am at least satisfied with them and do realise that this range will increase over time.  Once I got to trying to do marks to portray textures I found it easier – my marks may not be accurate in that portrayal but I understood they are my interpretation of what I see and this was the section of the project I really enjoyed.

The media I used did have a direct bearing on the marks I was able to produce and I can see how the different ones can give very different effects in the same way that I later learnt that different yarns can give totally different looks to different stitches.

Moving on to the second project I really enjoyed using all the different yarns as I experimented with the different effects they could produce with a relatively small variety of stitches.

My big surprise was how much I liked using the hessian – I had purchased it with a total dislike of the fabric but have found it the most textural and effective to use when combined with differing yarns and stitches.  I understand now how much my choice of background fabric will be vitally important to my future work and is as important as my choice of yarns and will have a direct bearing on them too and it is something to bear in mind as I plan a future project.

I am used to working in a traditional way with various stitched techniques and to now use a wide variety of yarns and stitches to produce many different effects and being encouraged to experiment has been a fascinating experience – even though I knew the stitches it was still a learning curve to see just what could be produced with them

Finally what I have enjoyed the most is the differing textural effects that can be produced by even just one yarn in a variety of stitches or one stitch in a variety of yarns – doing the last sample was fascinating as I did it instinctively and tried fabric strips too in conjunction with other yarns and the range of textures I am happy with.

There are areas, in particularly sketching marking making, that I am aware that I want to improve and increase but also appreciate that time, experience and confidence and further research and learning will enable me to achieve this.



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