First post!

My very first post as an Textiles Undergraduate for OCA which sounds quite wierd still.

I was asked to write a brief note to try to explain what I hope to achieve through this course and I guess my understanding of the course at this point is that I hope to achieve a good solid foundation of different techniques through drawing and expressive stitches, through to colour using various media and designs, shapes and structures and as the course takes me through each stage I hope to see a progression in my work.

That is the simple aim – my personal include being able to indulge a love of textiles and research artists and periods of history to new undiscovered depths and to be able to start to develop a way to voice through stitch and fabrics and dyes feelings and emotions and experiences which I cannot do so through mere spoken or written language.

Some of the techniques I have tried on a basic level but one or two are renewing old loves and those old passions I hope to develop and use them in different ways to before and combine with other media and techniques.

Lastly I hope to see life in a new different way and use the voice of textiles to start express what I see.



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