Personal interests

I thought I would add a note of areas of personal interest or textiles I wish to do personal research on whether in learning log or in sketch books or both:

  • Secular art – particularly Middle Ages through to late Elizabethan
  • Textiles including clothing and needlework of any nature from Middle Ages to late Elizabethan plus European textiles of a similar period.
  • Architecture throughout history that can be inspiration for textiles if possible.
  • New Ross Tapestry in Southern Ireland
  • Bayeaux Tapestry
  • National Arboretum Memorial – the art and sculptures and the artists behind them
  • Any Japanese and Chinese textiles and art throughout history – (note to myself is that I need to find a focus)
  • Faberge plus art and textiles of the early 20th century Russia
  • Native American art – looking towards Floridian tribes more than northern
  • Early impressionists

This is just very much a starting point for ideas and possible themes over time.

I also have an interest in developing a visual voice for emotional feelings on illness but will see how this develops with my progression through the course.

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